UI Etos Forms (Python)

Eto.Forms in Grasshopper

Eto.Forms is the UI library that comes with Rhino that you can access through API.

Styling the form and the features

The Eto Forms before applying styling

The window itself is very plain and ugly when you start of, so it's best done to do some styling to make it more user friendly.

We start of by doing an initial sketch of how the layout should look like and what features should be included in the window.

The wireframe sketch with a list of features

We also need to do a UX flow map to determine the structure of the dataflow and what the user should be allowed to control.

A flow map displaying how the user interacts with the data flow

The final form

Utimately, this is what I ended up with. A more user friendly form which you can interact with Grasshopper scripts through.




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